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Review Red Rock West

The story begins with a man named Michel who was looking for a job and out of money. One day he went looking for a city that has a considerable distance to find a job and earn money. at some point, Michel stopped into a little town called Red Rock. Since having a lot of thoughts, ultimately Michel drinking in a bar called Red Rock Bar. In the bar, Michel met with the bar owner named Wayne Brown.

Michel bar owner offered the job to kill his wife Wayne named Suzanne, because Michel desperately need a job to make money so Michel willing to accept the job provided by the owner of the bar. Then Michel morning saw Suzanne activities underway, in the evening Michel Suzanne came home that does not have the intention to kill but only to deliver a message to Suzanne that her life is now in big trouble. After delivering the message, then go left Suzanne Michel, Michel When driving a car, listening to the music suddenly very surprising that someone who was in front then the car moves very quickly be able to hit that person up in a state lying helpless then Michel bring the person to a hospital in the city of red rock.

But good intentions Michel to save one were to be rewarded with some of the police who took Michel to the office for interrogation of the officer after the incident was over, Michel finally get put into jail for murder, was disappointed with the decision given to him eventually Michel intend to escape from prison. On a night that had been planned, eventually Michel doing wishes to escape from prison because he thinks he is innocent and wants to be responsible for what he had done to bring the victim to the hospital nearby.

At the time of wanting to escape through the top of the wall and the roof but the clerk began to have suspicions with Michel movement eventually attendant lurking from behind with a gun, but officers were unable to find Michel and he was eventually able to escape from the prison. At Michel managed to escape, but it is not a significant problem but the big problem is with Suzanne Suzanne then Michel take away much of the city because the city is not safe for them.

By the time they leave, romance scandal began to emerge between the two. As they began comfortably in their hideouts, and Suzanne Michel eventually kidnapped from a hiding place, and it turns out their hiding place was known by one of the delegates at last they were kidnapped by the same people and they asked for my number after a big ransom ransom Suzanne and Michel are separated by kidnappers and they could not see each other again. Michel split with Suzanne and Suzanne parting with Michel. They live each and did not get to see each other again, and they did not know the existence of each.

In a movie called Red Rock West, the film is considered a milestone in film style of the new American way. Michel is an unemployed from Dallas who were stranded in Red Rock West. He finds himself caught between a husband and wife (Wayne and Suzanne) who are both intent on killing each other, using their hands Mike thought an assassin of Dallas. but Michel did not intend to kill between them, when to leave the town of Red Rock was a surprise when Michel hit someone and take him to the hospital. At the same time there are some cops who arrest him for murder, was not agreed about it, Michel try to escape from the prison and brought Suzanne to walk away from the red rock city, when the unexpected there are some people who know they are hiding. the arrival of the original assassin moments later, further complicates the situation.
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